National Harbor



Immersive Environment


Washington, DC  USA
The Peterson Companies


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Project Description

For the mixed-use urban waterfront destination on the Potomac, developed by the Peterson Companies, Sardi was charged with developing a multi-faceted entertainment and illumination program to:

Enhance National Harbor’s core assets: Vista, Waterfront, Square and Streetscapes
Enhance consumer experience: Atmosphere, Mood and Identity
Create seasonal effects/ shows across the year
Create programmable environments for festivals, events and holidays
Create programs to support advertising and sponsorship
Enhance street ambiance with animation and performances
Create highly flexible programmable and integrated systems using sound, light,
projection and FX

Key components of the program included:

Programmable lighting of an allee of sixty (60) fifty-foot (50’) tall Sycamore trees, specially harvested for the project. The lighting was programmed to play with a variety of sound scores to create a one-of-a kind ambience across four blocks of shopping and dining.
Design and engineering of programmable LED fixtures, the “Marcelli’s,” to allow for video program inputs and network feeds.
Design and engineering of an array of “media sails” along the mile long waterfront. The “sails” were designed for full video programming using a media mesh (GKD mesh with LED tubes); initial installation used LED lighting with option to replace sections of the sails with media mesh.

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