• LAX International... The Great Hall

  • Liberty Center - interactive Christmas tree & Beacon media feature

  • LAX Welcome Wall Media Feature

  • LAX Portals Media Feature

  • Liberty Center Community Canvas Media Feature

  • LAX Story Board Media Feature

  • LAX Destination Board Media Feature

  • LAX Story Board media feature

  • LAX Portals Media Feature

  • LAX Story Board Media Feature

  • LAX Welcome Wall media feature

  • LAX Time Tower & Story Board features

Sardi Design is an internationally recognized creative studio and consultancy specializing in the design of immersive environments, unique place-based experiences and venues. Sardi Design integrates lighting, media, video, sound, landscaping, scenographics and architecture to create programmable experiences and one-of-a-kind places that provide lasting value and distinctiveness.

creating immersive environments from concept to execution

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